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Join us for our next Sustainability Meeting
7:30 PM • last Thursday of the month • via Zoom
Email: to receive an invite.

To connect a love of home with
a sense of belonging within our community.
For all residents.

Founded 2021


Have an idea for connecting
with your neighbors?

Form a committee or group and let us know.
We will help get it off the ground!

  • announce your group's meetings and news

  • help with event registration

  • grow our community in the process

organize a new parents' and caregivers group, a group for

music makers, a group for .... whatever you have in mind!

PLEASE NOTE: All activities will follow all state and local

recommendations for Covid safety.

Outdoors, indoors, night, day? Email your photo to: and we'll feature them here.

The Sustainability Survey

Thank you to all who participated. We feel the effort to gauge residents' opinions around a specific topic went very well! The next steps will be to share the results with the board and management along with some specific action items. Click below to review the findings.
View here and here

Community Commons

Have something
you need?

Are you in need
of tools or resources? See what others have that you might need.

Have something to share?

Do you have equipment, tools, skills or time to share? Everything listed in this section is free of charge.

To view items for sale

A list of items
for sale by
community members.

Need someone to help you?

A list of services needed by community members.

Are you on building link yet?

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 1.29.10 PM.png

" What happens to humans when they multiply their feelings together? ... The real human, to me, seems like the one who can support his neighbors and work with them. That’s a feeling that I pursue. Whenever I see it, I want to encourage it."

Brian Eno

Group of Friends


A list of current committees organized by residents.
Please help us grow this list :)

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