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How You Can Help

With the help of Art For AID local residents are partnering with the Riverdale Y to raise money to purchase produce from NYS farms, Do Re Me Farm and Gonzalez Farm and delivering to Bronx neighborhood fridge programs.
To make a donation:

The Friendly Fridge BX is a part of collective efforts rooted firmly in mutual aid.


Working together with volunteers and other community fridges, the goal is to provide quality foods directly to the community.

The Fridge is incredibly grateful for individual donations of groceries and yet the need continues to grow. Therefore they
need your help as they build sustainable partnerships with farmers' markets, community gardens, pantries, and other community organizations in our efforts to rescue and redirect foods. These sources will help to supply the Fridge with fresh, locally-sourced produce and prepared meals.


• Purchasing fresh produce from surrounding farms and local wholesalers who support the community fridge movement.

• Transportation and logistics of both donated and rescued foods.

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